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How To Buy Pro Beats For Sale Online

How To Buy Pro Beats For Sale Online

By: Rob B Audio

Selecting and buying the correct hip hop beats for sale, is a must when it comes to crafting a hit song. The beat combined with an artist’s vocals creates the perfect marriage, leading to a joyous ceremonious victory as the song climbs the charts. The online beat selecting process can be puzzling if you don’t know key information. There are a few key elements that will enable you to purchase beats at a reasonable price. So, how do you select the correct beat as a rapper?

Your selection process as a rapper can be divided into 2 categories. First, what contractual agreement are available, so that, you have the rights to use the beats. Secondly, how does the beat make you feel or what is the emotional connection it may convey to your audience.

Beat Licensing

The primary method producers utilize to sell beats online is by licensing, meaning that the producer still holds the right to the beat but has agreed to certain terms to allow you to create on it and monetize off the finished product. There are two primary license types, which are Exclusive License & Non-Exclusive License. Some beat buying sites may have variations on these License, but we will focus on these two main pillars. Typically the license can be summed up as follows:

a. Exclusive license: The more expensive of the two. You can use the beat in a for profit project, sell unlimited copies of the project, but the composer of the beat can no longer sell the beat to another party. Also, there may be a split sheet for agreed publishing percentages and/or points for the producer, to receive on the back-end. Track-outs are typically included. The composer of the beat retains full rights meaning you can’t re-sell the beat.

b. Non-exclusive license: The less expensive of the two. You can use the beat in a for profit project, sell limited copies of the project (usually specified in the terms of agreement). The composer of the beat can continue to sell the beat to other parties. The composer of the beat retains full rights meaning you can’t re-sell the beat.


Most online beat selling platforms have made the process of buying beats simple by streamlining the process. To buy beats online, you as an artist would want to establish a PayPal account, or other payment methods that may be offered. Select & pay for the beat; then receive an email with the beat and licensing agreement.

Is The Beat Dope?

Hands down the beat you select has to be dope. The beat has to be personable. You have to feel it and know that the finished product will give off the same energy to your audience. Subconsciously, people like beats because of the following reasons:

a. Banging Drums: There is no coincident that the 808 has dominated beat-making for the past decade. We not only hear it but feel it. There is an instant feeling of wanting to move when the sound is heard. Other drums and percussion mimic this feeling as well. The key is; are the drums cutting through the speakers and making the listening audience want to move.

b. Hypnotic Melodies: The end goal is the have your listener humming your song well after they’ve heard the song. This is accomplished by beats that are repetitive yet have sophisticated melodies and chords, with occasional ear candy. The listener should be able to guest what note is coming next without really thinking about it. If gives them a satisfaction of recognizing the pattern, further engaging them in the track or “hooking” them.

c. Current sounds: There have been many morphs over the years in beat-making. Popular style beats usually consist of certain drums and instruments to give it a modern sound. So, a beat may be dope but you still would want to consider if sound quality is there that is currently dominating the culture; to make sure it connects with the audience.


Overall, if you incorporate these key elements to buy pro beats for sale online; you will be one step closer to creating a hit record. If you are on a tight budget I suggest trying the non-exclusive option to record on, then upgrading to the exclusive version later. Also, build relationships with producers. Producers are always looking for new artist to work with. The producer will typically meet you half way and negotiate a more appropriate price for you. Finally, if you want to be taken seriously as a grade A rapper, you should not want anything for free. Free is usually not the best of quality, and in this game quality is key to success. Also, investing in yourself should be a primary focus. In the long run, this gives a sense of pride and ownership.