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How To Become A Great Rapper

How To Become A Great Rapper

By: Rob B Audio

Believe In Yourself

The Greatest Muhammad Ali once stated “It is the lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting new challenges, and I believed in myself“.

I know you’ve heard the concept of believe in yourself many times before. But, as cliche this concept sounds; I would like to go more in-depth on this phrase.

So, first let’s establish that belief without action equates to perceived failure. For every action there is a reaction. Success is based upon how much effort you place in the goal you believe in.
Now, let’s apply this same concept to your ultimate belief of becoming a successful music artist. To obtain this you would have to, invest in yourself, learn how to rap, learn how to make songs, learn how to pick dope beats for sale, & learn how to market your songs.

Most of the above concepts can be substituted with some one that is already successful in the action you want to obtain. For instance, study someone who raps great, study or link up with great songwriters, lease beats from or collaborate with hot up and coming producers, & research marketing or pay for marketing. All of these concepts working together would ultimately make your belief become a reality. It would create fans, fans would share with other people, you’ll gain more fans, sell out concerts, sell merchandise, etc..

Invest In Yourself

When you hear the statement “invest in yourself”, what comes to mind?…..
Are you investing time in improving your rhymes and selecting quality pro beats for sale?….

How you spend your time determines what you really are into. You have to give it all you got at every moment. All the successful people have the same time that you have. The difference is that they are using their extra time to invest in themselves. It takes time to be creative. Time has to be valued.

Unfortunately, your mind is wired to stop you from hurting yourself. You have to retrain your mind. Everything is a decision in life, including making a change. Your life is what you think you should be. What you think is more important than what you do. What makes you comfortable can ruin you. Everyone is given the same time everyday; you can’t stop time but you can determine what you do within that amount of time. How much time do you have left today?

These are tips that you can implement to invest in yourself.

Read Self Help Books
Take Online Courses
Work Out
Find A Mentor
Schedule Vacation Time
Focus On Your Appearance
Build Your Brand
Do Something That Scares You To Build Your Confidence
Become Goal Oriented
Surround Yourself With Friends That Have A Positive Mindset

Overall, the basic foundation of becoming great at rap is “Believe In Yourself” & Invest In Yourself”. Look at these concepts as a road map or shortcut to obtaining your ultimate dream of becoming a great rap artist. I hope these tips were of inspiration. Start to implement these concepts and let me know how it turns out.


Rob B Audio